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Delightful Bodycare

  • Angelica Hydration Cream 50ml

    Made with organic angelica from the Drôme region of France, the fresh and silky smooth Angelica Hydration Cream efficiently moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.
  • Shea Ultra Rich Face Cream 50ml

    Shea butter is a natural beauty balm, used by women from Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Immortelle Divine Cream 50ml

    The ultimate regenerating anti-ageing face and neck cream is a pure elixir of organic Immortelle and Myrtle.

Exceptional Skincare

  • Almond Shower Oil 250ml

    Transforms into a lavish, softening foam--original and unique in texture that leaves a satin-like softness all over the body.
  • Lavendar Foaming Bath 500ml

    The rich formula of the Lavender Foaming Bath offers all the relaxing benefits of Haute-Provence lavender.
  • Shea Ultra Rich Body Lotion

    The Ultra Rich Body Lotion helps nourish and protect dry skin with a formula rich in shea butter.

Wonderous Fragrance

  • L'Occitan Eau du Toilette 100ml

    Created through the distillation of authentic A.O.C. lavender, blended with the peppery, nutmeg scent of burnt wood.
  • Jasmin Bergamote Eau du Toilette 75ml

    Evocative of a graceful, sensual dance, Jasmine & Bergamot Eau de Toilette offers the fragrance of a delicate flower blossoming in the light of dawn.
  • Verbena Eau du Toilette 100ml

    Among all the aromatic herbs that grow along the paths of Provence, there is one whose lemony freshness revives the body and mind.

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