Immortelle Precious Eye Balm

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Immortelle Precious Eye Balm


The Immortelle Precious Eye Balm offers triple action benefits for firmer skin and reduced appearance of wrinkles:
• Smoother eye contour:
  Immortelle stimulates collagen production, which helps fill in deep wrinkles and restructure the epidermis for smoother skin.
• Firmer eye contour:
  The support network of the skin is reinforced.
• Anti dark circles and anti-puffiness action:
  Dark circles and puffiness are less visible (ruscus and holly extracts). Eye area looks younger.


Gently dab a small amount of the eye balm underneath the eye and work your way outwards:
1. Apply from the inner corner of your eye towards the outside, by light pressure with your ring fingers.
2. Finish with a light smoothing gesture, to smooth eye contour.


Immortelle is known as the everlasting flower, because these flowers retain their form and color when dried. L’OCCITANE has extracted a precious essential oil from the plant, which has anti-free radical and anti-wrinkle properties. The Immortelle collection offers a complete anti-ageing solution for the face. Immortelle


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