Almond Beautiful Shape

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Almond Beautiful Shape


The ultra-fresh Almond Beautiful Shape helps to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and slim the thighs and buttocks, while smoothing and firming the skin. This formula is concentrated in powerful, natural ingredients to help effectively fight cellulite. Peruvian liana, quinoa extract and carrot essential oil slow the appearance of new fat cells, while almond tree buds, rich in draining flavanoids, and natural caffeine release existing fat cells. Our new formula also includes almond proteins which reduce dimples and a lemon micro-exfoliating extract for delightfully smooth and firm skin.


Apply twice a day, massaging into the skin with circular motions and work up from the bottom of the thighs to the top of buttocks. If combined with Shaping Delight: use in the morning (and Shaping Delight in the evening).


Discover the newest products in our Almond collection. Almond is well-known for its ability to nourish the skin. L'OCCITANE has harnessed the exceptional beautifying power of almond from the south of France and integrated it in body treatments and toiletries that are both deliciously tempting and wonderfully effective. Made with Almonds sourced from Haute Provence, the Almond supports the sustainability of almond trees in the region, as these trees are a staple to the beauty of the Provencal landscape.  Help to firm skin with the Almond Milk Concentrate or the Supple Skin Oil, both reformulated with an even greater concentration of active molecules. Try the Tonic Body Oil, a super-dry oil that contains a blend of 5 essential oils. Relieve tired legs with Lighter Legs, made with menthol and essential oils of peppermint and almond. Moisturize and beautify your hands with Smooth Hands for a pampering treat. Almond


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