Gives an instant feeling of freshness and well-being. The skin is delicately perfumed with the zestx,invigorating scent of Citrus Verbena.

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A body gesture ideal for the heat of summer! Find the fresh and fruity notes of Citrus Verbena in this 50ml Invigorating Body Mist for an immediate sensation of freshness and well-being. Used as soon as necessary, it helps to: - Provide an immediate sensation of freshness and well-being - Perfume the skin with the zesty and invigorating scent of Citrus Verbena THE FRAGRANCE Citrus Verbena combines the naturally zesty scent of Verbena with the fruity notes of Italian lemon and grapefruit in a cocktail of fresh and sparkling citrus fruits. THE TRUE HISTORY Of all the perfumed herbs that grow along the roads of Provence, there is one whose lemon-like freshness awakens the body and the mind: verbena. THE DESIGN Find the Citrus Verbena Invigorating Body Mist in 50ml bottle in light yellow plastic, easy to slip into the bag. SUGGESTION Spray Citrus Verbena Invigorating Body Mist on the body at any time of the day. Discover the complete collection of Citrus Verbena body products, as well as Citrus Verbena, fresh and sparkling Eau de Toilette. An Invigorating Body Mist that helps to invigorate and refresh the skin to endure the heat of the summer!


With its striking appearance and irregular shape, the cedrat is an eminently masculine citrus fruit. Its skin thick and rough, it embodies the very rawness of nature – just like the man it is intended for. L'OCCITANE has placed this mysterious citrus fruit at the heart of its new fresh and energizing range for men. Discover Eau de Cedrat, our new fresh and masculine fragrance, also at the heart of a daily grooming ritual with an undeniable elegance. In addition to its refreshing scent, this rare and mysterious fruit boasts another treasure: a sparkling pulp with energizing properties. Try our skincare range for an invigorated skin Cédrat