Mas des Lavandes Perfume Refill

Continuous diffusion in your interior of the relaxing scent of the lavender.

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Mas des Lavandes Perfume Refill


Imagine the fragrant atmosphere of a relaxing break in the shade of a Provençal farmhouse, surrounded by fields of lavender... This perfume refill will give your interior a Provencal touch for up to 5 weeks.


Pour the diffusing perfume into the glass decanter.
- For a light fragrance diffusion, only use 10 reeds & half of the perfume.
- For an intense fragrance diffusion, use all of the reeds and all of the perfume.
Place the reeds into the decanter in the form of a bouquet.
Thanks to its diffusing system, the fragrance absorbs into the reeds much like water delicately ascending into the stem of a plant.


L'OCCITANE uses lavender that is exclusively sourced from farmers' cooperatives on the Plateau de Sault in Haute-Provence. Our lavender products include luxurious body care and home fragrances emanating scents that capture the soul of Provence to calm and soothe the body and mind. The new, unique design of this relaxing collection, with its clean and simple lines, is based on an interpretation of the estagnon bottle. This metal bottle was traditionally used to hold fragrant essences. In addition to this, the expertise of lavender producers from Haute-Provence is now protected on a European level by the Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O) label, which guarantees the exceptional quality and the traceability of the essential oil. Lavender


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